About us

SANTOSH GLOBAL GROUP, established in 2021 and headquartered in Uttar Pradesh, India, delivers carrier-grade products and services for global communication service providers, enterprises, and critical infrastructure, and vertical market segments. Our innovative and end-to-end solutions are centered around complex cutting-edge technology platforms like 5G, IoT, Cloud Offering’s/NFv -SDN, and legacy network products ranging from 2G-3G & 4G.

SGG also offers a comprehensive range of professional services to support Global Carriers and Enterprises including complete life cycle management of services including Planning, Design, Build, and Operations of the network. Having built and operated 100,000 plus Sites to date across technologies both Fixed and Mobile gives us an unparalleled advantage of being a services provider with an OEM DNA. Further SGG also has an empowering offering of comprehensive software solutions with mobile and desktop applications for centralized and field Services engagements providing the required transformation and enhance our end customer experience.

Together with the above and a strong in-house Research and Development capability, SGG has been a catalyst for enabling service providers and enterprises to transform their communications networks, quickly deploy new communications services, and generate significant returns on investment

For niche roles, consistent metrics, openings, and applicants, we have got the state-of-the-art setup and holistic approaches to meet your end with our end-to-end solutions. From recruitment assessments and even reviews, we have a comprehensive strategy to support your functions. Your benefits never stop when we spot the right talent, calculate risks and reduce cost. Our integrated 360 pro solutions will answer every unanswered question regarding RPO.

When others just start to think about you or try to approach you, we would have already prepared a flight map that will help you to soar to greater heights. What makes us different from others is our quality to anticipate your needs you. We equip ourselves with best-in-class techniques to provide you with ample of options that will give you a range of choices, to begin with. Even when the process and system go off track, our customized solutions are devised in such a way that everything will be placed in line in an organized way.

This may help you see the kinds of www.globalearn.org of things that the composing service can provide you with and the kinds of jobs that you’re able to operate on.

In this evolving market, organizations must evolve to emerging technologies and best practices to hire and manage the staffing workforce solutions.

SGG is amongst the well-experienced and top-rated human resource and staffing companies in India, providing a range of staffing solutions specifically tailored to our client’s needs and specific industries. We have a comprehensive suite of recruitment and staffing solutions spanning several disciplines, leveraging our business experience and access to a large talent pool to fulfill all of the conventional and non-traditional personnel requirements. We have a talented pool of individuals with a decade-long experience of working in the human resource department on a wide range of staffing projects. This talent pool is competent enough in providing staffing solutions to challenging openings and positions. We are present at the Pan India.

“While delivering our staffing services, we keep pace with the local locations for hiring in a geographically and culturally diverse country like India.”

  •  Our Staffing Experts are proficient at using the most contingent and meticulous techniques of shortlisting applicants, identifying, assessing, and choosing appropriate resources with the required expertise, orientation, and background.
  •  We consider the departmental framework and apply it to the job role after carefully analyzing the client’s workplace criteria. This departmental framework helps them identify the best resource with the right expertise set to meet the work specifications.
  •  Our track record in staffing management with our clients proves our reliability as a staffing agency in India. We have clients from diverse sectors like IT, FMCG, Consumer Durables, Consulting, Retail, Telecom, and more. It provides us credibility and confidence to work with new organizations across every industry.